Clark County Independent American Party


Save Our Country and Our State.

IAP Volunteer Information

You can help in many ways depending on your schedule. You can:
  • Send out emails.
  • Hand out literature to your neighbors and friends.
  • Call your neighbors and friends to ask them to vote.
  • Help as an Event Coordinator
  • Become a Precinct Manager.
  • Become a Precinct Captain.
  • Walk the precincts
  • Become an Assistant Campaign Manger
  • Help register voters in your neighborhood.
  • Donate money to the Clark County IAP.

The IAP is the 3rd largest party in Nevada and fastest growing party in Nevada, but we need your support to continue to grow.

The Founding Fathers risked everything to establish out great nation. Our military risked their lives to protect it. All we need to risk is a few dollars, a few hours of our time, and our vote.

Please volunteer now.

Just call us at 702-612-7316 or email us at We appreciate your support.