David Lory VanDerBeek
for Governor of Nevada

The top priorities of my campaign are to help you find a great career and income, get a world-class education, get world-class medical care, and retire in comfort and prosperity with your loved ones. Read these positions carefully. Wherever you see a sentence in hypertext click it to go see a video of my public speech on that issue. Each issue may have several speeches on the same topic. This is a dynamic page that will have additional information and links so stay tuned. Our party tracks all legislation and provides voters with constant updates here at the Nevada Families Eagle Forum. Sign up for the mail and email updates.

VanDerBeek as Governor means:

  • 1. Restore Nevada Lands to the People.
    The American people are being herded physically into the cities, because the federal government is stealing state lands in the name of various projects. Almost 90% of Nevada is government controlled and inaccessible to citizens for development, then we are told that we have no money. We will never prosper as long as we are made to live on one tenth of our resources. Rather the government should be given 10% of our state and we should retain 90% to develop and prosper.

    This should be true across the USA. We will create government jobs to assess the value of our lands and sell/lease them thereby creating many new private sector jobs which will fully fund education with the best classroom resources, higher the best teachers, fund the most advances medical facilities, and fund retirements and pensions.

  • 2. Nevada State Bank.
    The Constitution requires that the State pay all of its debts in gold and silver. The Nevada State government will follow the Constitution and create its own bank and store its own gold and silver in addition to the U S Federal Reserve Note (i.e. the “Dollar”). Our bank will also issue credit against that capital rather than out of debt as the Federal Reserve does. No credit will be issued without state capital assets in full backing.

    Nevada based businesses will be able to borrow money at a reasonable rate. Private citizens will be free to use any form of currency they wish to pay their debts. Money creation is a crucial issue to address, because the quantity of the money has to be controlled to provide market stability and steady growth. In theory, money can be issued with no capital backing and interest free by the government IF the quantity is strictly controlled. Nevada will encourage the adoption of Debt-Free National money. There is no cause for governments to EVER borrow money on interest from private banks, because governments can CREATE and ISSUE money for FREE while also controlling to quantity. To do otherwise is to surrender sovereignty to banksters.

    Banks operating in Nevada will be banned from participating in fractional reserve banking and would only be able to lend money which they had obtained through the free market. All taxes that are taken in by the State will be funneled back into Nevada businesses in the form of low interest loans as is done in North Dakota who is enjoying record surpluses while lowering taxes.

  • 3. Multi-Currency Free Market System.
    While the State government is required to pay all of its debts in gold and silver, any thing free citizens deem of value in the free market can be used as a currency when the parties agree. This will facilitate an explosion of economic activity. This principle is also in keeping with historical origins of currency in America when our ancestors used colonial scrip until they were forced to use only gold and silver by the British government.

    Commercial banks will have to purchase their money on the free market like everyone else and they will only be able to loan that money which they actually possess. The money banks choose to purchase and loan depends on the market supply and demand. Interest is simply part of the price of money.

  • 4. Nevada to Stop All Payments to the IRS.
    It was shown conclusively by President Reagan’s Grace Commission Report that ZERO of the taxes collected by the IRS on income return to the citizens in the form of services or benefits. All of the taxes are consumed by the IRS bureaucracy and paid as interest to the private banskters behind the Federal Reserve bank. Nevada residents will no longer send any further payments to the IRS because there is no purpose in doing so.

    Nevada law enforcement will be employed in arresting any agent of the federal government who attempts to collect IRS taxes from a Nevada resident. The IRS has also now been exposed as a tool of political oppression of the White House against patriots and Constitutionalists. The IRS must prove it's value to the American people, but it cannot. So, not only does the IRS provide Americans with ZERO services, the IRS is a tool of political oppression. It is poison. America was built without an IRS or an income tax. The IRS is just a collection agency for the Federal Reserve, which is not federal and has no reserves and is just our national branch of the global banking cartel.

    We must just STOP paying them. We will bring economic warfare against the IRS and collapse it. Do you want to have a real economic stimulus directly to the people and not the banks? STOP PAYING THE IRS. NEVER PAY THEM AGAIN. Economic growth will resume and NOTHING will change for the worse because you receive NOTHING for your IRS taxes. Pull aside the curtain, the wizard of Oz is a group of bankers and they runs the IRS. Attorney's representing the United States Government: "Denies that the Internal Revenue Services is an agency of the United States Government..." Read it. I want complete and total rebellion against the IRS. http://nontaxpayer.net/irsnara0.html.

    One of my goals is to be the first sitting, elected governor in U.S. history to serve time in federal prison for fighting for his people against the IRS and the Banksters.

  • 5. Replace and Phase Out All Taxation.
    Nevada will operate under the fiduciary trust management princple. Taxes are simply one revenue source for government. Governments have investment and enterprise income that now surpasses their tax revenues. Governments therefore are fully capable of being self-sustaining WITHOUT taxation.

    Mining, gaming, and all businesses will no longer face the constant harassment by legislators to pick their pockets. Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR) are our local governments' statements of net worth built up over decades. Governments use CAFRs to list their assets as "advanced liability funds" to dupe the public into believing those investments should be maintained for a good purpose, but which actually serve as power-based holding funds for the government. In turn, the governments then claim that they are always operating at budget "shortfalls" in their operating funds so they claim they must raise your taxes.

    This is a convenient conspiracy of silence. As Governor, I will assist governments in liberating the potential of this wealth. This plan eliminates the predatory relationship between the government against the people and business, because everyone is happy making money. In fact, the people and businesses will actually cheer such government. Truthfully, as Jesus said when asked a tax question, "The children are free."

  • 6. Nevada Energy Independence.
    My goal as Governor will be to have Nevada be fully energy independent by the time I leave office. This means that Nevada will provide for all of its own energy needs without buying any power from other states. Economies must have cheap energy to grow and Nevada will lead the Union. Once Nevada has recovered its stolen l ands from the federal government, the state government will be able to lease and sell those lands to energy developers.

    Nevada will only give rights to Nevada-based energy companies to explore and develop our reserves of oil, coal, and natural gas in clean ways that preserve the sanctity of our land and wildlife. This will create jobs and keep the money in Nevada. At the same time, Nevada can encourage alternative energy sources such as solar and Tesla towers.

  • 7. Minimal Business Taxes and Regulations.
    Taxes will boom when businesses are liberated from extra regulations and taxes. This is true because people are far more creative with their money in making more money than the government. So, Nevada's government will actually receive more in tax income as they lower taxes. Most people don't understand this reality. As Governor, I will not sign a budget that does not effectively cut all forms of taxes.

  • 8. Eliminate of Property Taxes.
    roperty taxes are part of feudalism and fundamental plank of the Communist platform. They amount to you renting your land rather than possessing it. The Governor will no longer enforce the payment of property taxes in Nevada and the Paladins will arrest any person in Nevada who attempts to force the payment of property taxes by another.

  • 9. Welfare. We cannot instantly reduce welfare funding.
    In fact, we may need to increase some welfare payments to legal citizens to reflect the real rate of inflation (i.e. indexing). Traitorous leaders talk about cutting back on welfare to the people while they give trillions away to global banks. We can never cut off welfare to the elderly and poor, but we must cut off welfare to the elite banks and corporations.

    Welfare can be a drug on which we become dependent and addicted to survive. We cannot not reduce it at once, because if you cut off the drug, you "kill" the addict which would appear in the form of social unrest and higher crime. We have to be weaned off welfare through free market prosperity. We need to introduce Austrian free market economics over time to recover from socialist cancer. Most Americans want to work and be financially successful. Government's job is to protect the free market so they can.

  • 10. Nullification of Obamacare.
    We must repeal the Silver State Exchanging which is destroying jobs and wages in Nevada. It has forced employers to lay off full-time employers, cut them to part-time, and refuse to hire new workers.

    Nevada will not enforce Obamacare and as Governor I will arrest and expel any federal agent from the State who atte a specific treatment when the alternative is involuntary hospitalization.

  • 11. Nevada Health Freedom and Choice.
    Each citizen is born free to determine how he or she will govern the health of a physical body. No citizen can be forced to accept a medical treatment such as a vaccine or be forced to purchase a medical product such as insurance. Every community in Nevada will have the right to vote as to what will be put in their environment by the local government including your air and water. If you do not something added to your water, THAT IS YOUR RIGHT. If you do, drink up. Either way the people deserve a CHOICE. Forcing people to take additives in their water akin to forced medication. Forcing people is NOT American.

  • 12. Governor’s Council on Health Crises.
    The Governor's office will create a health council to determine the State of our physical and mental health and all the different types of factors that affect health in our modern society in terms of medication, air, food, technology, etc. Nevada residents will have complete access to the health findings to make their own decisions about what to consume. We must take a more serious and holistic approach the health crises modern humanity faces. As a family therapist, I would like to see greater attention paid to the emotional wellbeing of every human.

  • 13. The Second Amendment.
    We must preserve the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms first, because it protects all of the rest of our rights. Freedom grows out of greater oath that I will fight to preserve the right of Nevadans and all Americans to bear arms according to the original intentions of the founders in the Constitution. History shows that tyranny and mass murder by the government always follows disarmament of the people. If Obama sends police to take guns by force, there could be another civil war.

  • 14. Nullification of Gun Regulation.
    The Governor will not enforce any executive orders by Mr. Obama regarding gun regulation and the Governor's Paladins will arrest and expel any federal agent from the State who attempts to enforce them. Nevada will reject gun registration, ammunition/compenent registration, firearm's accessory registration, and background checks for private gun sales.

  • 15. Firearms and Armed Guards in Schools.
    Psychotic killers have preyed on schools in recently times precisely because they know schools are GUN FREE ZONES. In other words, they know everyone there is DEFENSELESS. We might as well call schools "mass murder ready zones." I oppose gun free zones especially at schools. Faculty at schools cannot be denied their right to the 2nd Amendment. Faculty should be allowed to carry concealed on campus. The citizens of each county will have the power to vote to allow the faculty members of the schools in their district to carry concealed. The law enforcement, school boards, administrators, faculties, and parents of each county will be able decide how they want to best secure their schools. They can vote as to whether or not to offer firearms training at their schools or to allow military and law enforcement veterans to provide a campus security presence. One armed guard at Columbine saved dozens of more children who would have died. Counties should also have the freedom to provide gun education to their students. I also want concealed carry to be available to all employees across all workplaces. I believe all employees should be allowed to carry concealed weapons at work to protect themselves if their organizations and companies will not provide armed guards and security screening.

  • 16. Nevada Withdraws from Federal Education.
    I oppose Common Core federal education standards 100%. Each county in Nevada will regulate its education. Parents, teachers, administration, and school boards at the county level will be free to determine their curriculum and counties will be encouraged to compete with each other to produce the most learned students. Counties need more discretion on what they teach including parent and teach input. We can track what works best based on letting county schools compete on national tests and then see who's the most creative and successful. Centralized control of education is tyranny. The federal government will have no say in Nevada's education system according to the Tenth Amendment. English should be the first and only language of education in America. I have taught in high school and seen English as a Second Language (ESL) education fail first hand. We should not provide education in foreign languages. Rather we teach all students English and then place them in classes AFTER they can speak English.

  • 17. Elimination of Marriage Licenses.
    Instead of arguing over what couples qualify for a marriage license, the Governor will eliminate the enforced use of marriage licenses by Nevadans. Marriage is a natural right and may not be subject to regulation by the government and that includes gay marriage. I do not support licensing gay marriage any more than I support licensing adultery or fornication. Having said that, we decided as Americans some time ago that we would no longer prosecute people for adultery and fornication. More importantly, if marriages are to be licensed, I only support legal recognition of marriage between a man and a woman.  However, Constitutionally, all humans of age have a right to privately define their own relationships and transfer their property as they please. Marriage is a personal and religious ritual protected by the First Amendment. If the churches deem gay marriages to be "sin," then they have a right to preach against it using freedom of speech. Generally, it is not the Governor's job to use the force of government and men with guns to enforce your moral code on other people who disagree with your moral code. However, this raises the question: If individuals have rights which they can lend to their community for protection, then does a community have a collective right to preserve its moral identity? It is arguable that communities and groups have rights to exclude behaviors such as gay marriage which infringes on their right to not be exposed to such behavior. Furthermore, States reserve all powers not given to the federal government, meaning States were originally understood to have the power to create laws regarding marriage as a reserved power. These are debatable issues. I commit as Governor that I will protect the right of churches to preach "repentance" in all public areas as they understand it as long as they are respectful of the rights of others to reject their preaching. If the nation has fallen into "sin," then the churches should preach more and place it in God's hands (rather than government) who will judge us all.

  • 18. Adoption Over Abortion.
    I am pro-life. Abortion should never be used as a means of casual birth control. However, there are three cases when abortion should remain an option for women, which are (1) when a woman is a victim of rape or incest, (2) when the pregnancy endangers the life of the woman, and (3) when the fetus has such severe birth defects that it will die shortly after birth. Personally, I have yet to meet a single woman who had to abort a baby because her life was in danger. I have no compassion on people who have irresponsible sex and then pursue abortions. They should be abstinent. Also, there is no need whatsoever to promote abortion for rape victims. Instead, rape/incest victims should be administered a "morning after pill" as a standard medical and law enforcement procedural response to any rape or incest investigation to ensure there is no resultant unwanted pregnancy, which eliminates the justification for the Roe vs. Wade ruling. Public tax funds cannot be used for abortions except in the case exceptions above. However, Nevada will provide funding for adoptions. Women with unplanned pregnancies and can live in Nevada knowing that they will receive excellent care and that we will help pay for adoptions rather than abortions. I also believe firmly that 2nd and late term abortions must be outlawed nationwide and you can click here to hear the testimony of an abortionist describe the procedure. The common law rule of our ancestors was that abortion was illegal after the quickening, which meant as soon as the fetus moved in the womb.

  • 19. Immigration Reform and The Border With Mexico.
    I do NOT support amnesty, welfare, education, or any other program for illegal aliens because those programs encourage more illegal mmigration. Illegal immigration is a federal problem and we must force our federal government to address it by encouraging illegal aliens to leave Nevada. Historically, the Mexican people have suffered under a series of corrupt governments. We should not merely think of Latin Americans as illegal aliens. Many of them are refugees fleeing a collapsing nations at war with drug cartels. However, we now know that their governments are complicit in this corruption just as ours is. We should have compassion on and charity for these people, however charity begins at home and we have far too many suffering Americans to take care of Mexico. Mexicans take jobs from Americans, lower wages, or file fake tax returns. Also, many crimes are committed by illegal aliens that go unpunished and Latino criminals flee into the U.S. where taxpayers then have to pay to house them in our prisons. THE REAL QUESTION IS: What are we doing to help these refugees hold the Mexican government accountable for imploding into our nation? The Republicans and Democrats just seem to provide welfare resources to aliens, which is hastening our financially collapse as a nation. When that collapse occurs there will be violence between American poor and migrants. What has historically worked with Mexico? The US had to annex their land to establish law and order and we will again. If Mexico won't set it's house in order, then the US government can organize these refugees to take over the borderlands and possess them. The US could receive these people at our borderland and assist them while we pressure their home governments to meet their needs. Otherwise, these governments are perpetrating a form of invasion on the US and our federal government should shut down the border, and offer to send the US army to assist those people in establishing the rule of law.

  • 20. Nevada Farming and Raw Food Freedom.
    The federal government supports the large corporations in gaining total control of the food supply and they do so with deadly force. Raw food and milk providers are regularly imprisoned. It is stupid and corrupt. We have the natural right to eat the foods of our choosing. Our ancestors lived on raw milk. Food processing and pasteurization destroy nutrition. We need Food Freedom. Nevada farmers will not need a license to grow crops or raise livestock. They will be free to bring all their produce to a free market. Furthermore, companies like Monsanto do not own life on earth, they cannot patent our livestock given to us by God, and they must be required to label all of their GMO products. GMO food can sterilize you, give you cancer, kidney problems, tumors, liver problems, inflammation, arthritis, leukemia, hair in your mouth, reduce your sex drive, stunt your growth, and turn your testicles blue...So of course this Congress just passed a law to legally protect GMOs from lawsuits by you and Nevada's legislature would not even vote on forcing GMOs to be labeled. Ask the outgoing governor Sandoval what he's done about it? Nothing. He has completely FAILED to protect you and Nevada from this very serious threat.

  • 21. Demonization of Organic Food, Raw Milk, and Nutritional Supplements.
    Across the country there is an awakening to the poisons in our food that are destroying health and perpetuating a medical tyranny. In response, Americans are seeking our organic food alternatives of their own choice. The Right to Eat is a natural right that includes the power to choose our food. The government is attacking these citizens and destroying their lives when we don’t need an FDA to police our nutrition. We are quite capable of making our own health decisions. We need Food Freedom.

  • 22. Medical Marijuana, Industrial Hemp, and Ayahuasca Legalized.
    These are very powerful plants that will help Nevadan's heal and the economy grow. Residents will be able to grow marijuana and hemp who are age 21 and older with a medical license as regulated by State government. The right to self-medicate is a natural right. Ayahuasca will be used to mediate the withdrawal from harder drugs under the joint supervision and research of clinicians. By this means, Nevada will lead the U.S. in successful drug treatment and recovery. Furthermore, the marijuana prisoners will be released from prisons and pardoned for related offenses as they provide medical justification for their use. I want to be clear that as a healer I am interested in plants being used responsibly for medical and health needs under clinical supervision. I am NOT in favor of recreational drug use, which historically destroys lives and families. Industrial hemp is another matter altogether because there is ZERO justification for keeping hemp illegal. It has hundreds of uses and it has NO narcotic ingredients. Originally, it was made illegal because it was deemed to be too much competition for the cotton industry. Keeping industrial hemp illegal is hearkens back to the scientific ignorance of the dark ages. Nevadans will be completely free to farm industrial hemp without a license.

    23. The Internet and Freedom of Search. We continue to see the federal government attempt to curtail our freedom of search on the Internet as a means of controlling the flow as well as the content of information. This is modern day censorship and tyranny. Freedom is based on being able to make decisions using TRUE, accurate, and up-to-date information. The Internet makes the transfer of truth possible at a rate never before experienced by humans, which has resulted in an explosion of human progress. As people across the world learn the truth, it sets them free and tyrannical governments fall. As Governor, I will create my own cybersecurity force to see that the federal government is thwarted in all its attempts to censor what I've dubbed our Freedom of Search. Nevada will enjoy complete Internet Freedom. The Department of Homeland Security and the National Security Agency are admittedly violating the privacy of US citizens without cause through websites such as Google, Youtube, Facebook, MySpace and another other they choose. This illegal tracking of your behavior is being shared by the government and corporations to oppress and manipulate you. It promotes the establishment of a technological police state surpassing Orwell’s 1984. I will not be tracked.

  • 24. National Defense Authorization Act and the Patriot Act.
    As Governor, I will arrest any Nevada congressperson who ever voted in favor of the NDAA and force them to explain in court why they supported a police state law that denied Americans the right to due process of law. Supporting the NDAA was an act of TREASON and terrorism. This will include Harry Reid, Dean Heller, Joe Heck, and Shelley Berkley. It will also include any member of Congress from any other State who voted for the NDAA when he or she enters the borders of Nevada. They will be arrested and put on trial. Any Congressman who supported it has betrayed the America people. On this basis alone, they should be thrown out of office. The law allows for Americans to be indefinitely detained with out a right to a trial. It is a secret arrest and torture law for American citizens. We should prepare ourselves for armed resistance against any traitors in our law enforcement and military who will attempt to carry out the NDAA. I will not be hunted.

  • 25. The Militarization of Local Law Enforcement.
    The merger of federal and state police is unconstitutional. It violates our founders intent that we be not only have juries of our peers, but that we be policed by our peers and by sheriffs of our own election. In reality, the County Sheriff has more local police power than the US President. Our founders did that for a reason. Sheriffs have the power to arrest any federal employees that harass local citizens be they FBI, EPA, DHS, NSA, CIA, or any branch of the military. Support your local sheriff.

  • 26. Expulsion of TSA from airports.
    The TSA groping and naked body scanning will stop now! This is uncalled for and it does not stop terrorism. TSA conditions people to be prisoners and victims of violent sexual crimes. Upon taking office, I will proceed to the Las Vegas airport to dismantle the TSA operation. I will not be scanned. I will not be groped. We will ask politely that the federal government remove the naked body scanners from the airports and stop the molesting body grope downs. If they do not remove them voluntarily, then we will remove them physically. We will remove the TSA body scanners. We will not ask. We will not debate it. We’ll just shut them down and take them to the junk yard if the feds do not. We will not be molested.

  • 27. Whistle Blower Protection Program.
    The corruption in this nation is diverse and widespread. Nevada will become a sanctuary for government, corporate, and mafia whistleblowers such as Anonymous where they can live safely without fear of assassination or persecution. Nevada will physical protect whistleblowers and provide them with comprehensive legal representation that ensure that their rights are honored according to the traditional interpretation of the Bill of Rights.

  • 28. Nevada State Paladins.
    The Governor will create a security and investigation force who will be personally detailed to protect whistleblowers and their families physically, so that the crimes against the federal government and internationally corporations can be prosecuted. Veterans will receive first preference in being hired on the basis of experience and skill. One branch of the Paladins will be composed of cybersecurity experts representing the best hackers in our nation.

  • 29. All Veterans Welcome in Nevada.
    Our military men and women have been exploited and abused by the federal government for the purposes of making a few people rich. War i s a racket. These veterans have been experimented on and forced to fight in illegal wars. Nevada welcomes veterans and will provide them with the appropriate medical treatment, memorial recognition, education, employment, and legal representation in prosecuting their case against the federal government.

  • 30. Nevada Returns to Paper Ballots and Outlaws Voting Machines.
    The voting machines are a criminal enterprise by the elite of our nation to steal elections. Nevada will return to paper ballots hand counted at each precinct and then reported from there. Exit polls will be allowed by independent citizens at all sites and any anomalies will be investigated directly by the Governor's Paladins. As Governor, I will win both elections. I will win the vote of the people and I will win the vote of the machines. We will take back our elections from the elite and their voting machines in 2014 in Operation Reboot Society to commemorate the Battle of Athens, Tennessee 1946.

  • 31. Nevada Ends Speeding Ticket and Seat Belt Fines.
    Americans are born free with the right to travel and use the property they have acquired to do so. Police have no right to stop a resident and fine them when no injury has occurred. Most speed limits will be done away with the exception of residence, business, and school zones. Adults cannot be forced to wear seat belts. As Governor, I will not provide a budget for any county whose law enforcement will continue harassing citizens illegally with tickets.

  • 2. Nevada Rejects Agenda 21.
    Agenda 21 is an international plan to use all types and shades of environmentalist arguments against humans their activity. These are actually communism efforts to take all land into the possession of the government. Smart meters are one such program. The Governor will reject all programs that fall under Agenda 21 and the Governor's Paladins will arrest and expel any person in Nevada who attempts to enforce Agenda 21.

  • 33. Nevada Science Races.
    As Governor, I will announce a series of science races to develop energy independent homes, efficient engines, climate modification, disease and cancer cures. The State will fund the research and the researchers will retain full rights to their creations as long as they form companies and factories headquartered for manufacturing their creations to create jobs for Nevadans.

  • 34. The End of Government Lobbying.
    Lobbyists from a variety of interest groups have taken over the politicians and law making bodies. The solution to this dilemma is simple: implement the Rule of Law. The Rule of Law is a set of guiding principles that were handed down by wise leaders regarding how to make good laws. According to one principle, any law must apply to all citizens equally, so laws cannot focus on one group over another for any kind of benefit. All laws must apply to providing universal benefits when specific circumstances are met such as a natural disaster or a level of poverty. If someone wanted to advocate for an industry such as the airlines, no law could be passed that did not benefit all companies and industries equally. There are clear historical principles on how to make good laws, but they have been abandoned due to corruption. As Governor, I will use the media to educate Nevada on the rules of how to make laws and with the public we will hold the legislature's feet to the fire of the Rule of Law. The only successful lobbyists during my administration will be those who are experts in the rule of law.

  • 35. Governor’s Council on Government Crime.
    The Governor's office will create a council dedicated to listening to all citizen complaints concerning conspiracy in government and take them seriously. The Paladins will investigate them and report to the Governor to prioritize what can be done and publish the findings to the public.

  • 36. Congress has a 9% approval rating from the American people.
    Why? Because they do not work for you. Congress works for international corporations and Wall Street banks. As a State, we the people of Nevada can nullify their unconstitutional laws and move on with our lives. We must shun the criminals in Washington and treat them with the disdain with which they treat us.

  • 37. The Federal Reserve.
    The Federal Reserve is occupation force of a global banking cartel. It guarantees a perpetual state of war through the creation of endless fiat currency and it guarantees financial bubbles and recessions. Bring the troops home. Come home. Come home! We need to transition from the current debt-based economy back to a capital-based economy. That is the function of a gold standard. We could also tie the money supply to the U.S. population. We are the true gold of this earth.

  • 38. Depleted Uranium Weapons and Neglecting Veterans.
    Our troops are being killed and our enemies also in inhumane ways through the use of DU munitions. These warriors serve using DU weapons and then are denied treatment because the government refuses to accept fault. Veterans death benefits are regularly stolen by the government. Combat wounded veterans are being discharged with mental health disorders and then denied disability benefits on the grounds that their mental health PTSD was pre-existing their enlistment. This abuse of the soldiers must stop.

  • 39. Global Carbon Taxes.
    The elites define carbon as a toxic waste. International climate treaties overturn the Constitution and make us subject to world government and taxation. In contrast, we humans are carbon based. Elites think of humans as a pollution! The opposite is truth. The earth is carbon starved. The earth was once greener. The purpose of carbon taxes is to promote population control through world starvation which is unnecessary. It is a sick plan by sick people. Carbon taxes have nothing to do with good stewardship of nature. We are not toxic waste.

  • 40. Tenth Amendment Movement vs. Oversized Federal Government.
    There are several federal agencies can be abolished including the Federal Reserve, the IRS, NSA, DHS, FDA, ATF, and the Department of Education. Nevada can take back the powers from these agencies and govern itself.

  • 41. The Two Party System.
    The two party system is a monopoly by one mafia in this nation's capital. How long will you the American people allow these Republicans and Democrats to take turns gang-raping you? You know full well that both parties are full of thieves, sadists, murders, and perverts. So why do you continue to vote for them and let them take turns in office? What does it say about you as a people that you continue to worship your abusers? This is a duopoly, an illusion of choice. I represent a third alternative: Freedom. I was excluded from the 2012 debates. I publicly challenge the coward, Brian Sandoval, to a public debate. The Republicans and Democrats will do all they can to exclude me because I will dominate them on the field of debate and embarrass them on national TV. The Republican party's treatment of Ron Paul was a national disgrace and they made themselves a dead carcass.
  • 42. Truth Movements.
    Today there are a variety of truth movements exploring a variety of hidden agendas in government. These include Obama’s background, Bilderberg, Bohemian Grove, Illuminati, Council on Foreign Relations, Shadow Government, Human-trafficking, Military Industrial Complex, Chemtrails, Geoengineering, Terraforming, Fluoride, Vaccines, False Flag Terrorism, Benghazi, Operation Fast and Furious, CIA Drug Running, Wall Street Money Laundering, Area 51, and UFOs. Am I in support of these? I believe Nevadans and all Americans should be free to exchange all ideas and information in the pursuit of truth. I support truth, all truth wherever it leads and regardless of whether or not it is convenient. I want the truth and I believe Nevadans can handle the truth. HOWEVER, my priority as a leader of Nevada is to focus on those truths that will help you find a great career and income, get a world-class education, get world-class medical care, and retire in comfort and prosperity with your loved ones.  That’s my job and those are my top priorities.