Clark County Independent American Party

Chairman's Corner

Independent American Party growing faster than all the other parties combined.

The 2014 Clark County Independent American Party Convention is on Saturday, February 8. 2014.

Chuck Muth will be the featured speaker.

For more information, visit

On Friday night and Saturday night, all convention attendees are invited to the IAP hospitality suite. Join us for a great time discussing anything from politics to politics. Just kidding! Meet old and new friends and discuss anything from A to Z.

From the end of January 2013 until the end of December 2013, the IAP had a bigger increase in voter registration than the Democrats, the Republicans, the Libertarians, and the Other minor parties combined.

You can make a difference. Get involved with the IAP.

If you have any questions or would like to get involved to save our state, call me at 702-979-3427.

Thomas Jones

IAP Clark County Chairman