Clark County Independent American Party

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Are you an Independent American?

  • A moving history of our national Anthem

  • National Constitution Party
    The Independent American Party is an affiliate of the National Constitution Party. This is a link to their home page.

  • Independent American Party
    This is a link to the State Independent American Party home page.

  • IAP Facebook page
    Take part in the Independent American Party by being a friend on our Facebook page.

  • Campaign for Liberty
    As the name suggests, this site is fighting to protect your liberty and freedoms.

  • Chuck Baldwin
    Chuck Baldwin was the Constitution Party candidate for President in 2008.

  • Nevada Families/Eagle Forum
    This Forum is an excellent way to know what is happening politically in our country and Nevada.

  • American Conservative Magazine
    This magazine is run by Pat Buchanan and the views and opinions of this magazine mirrors the platform and views of the IAP.