Clark County Independent American Party

About Us

Are you an Independent American?

The Independent American Party is the third largest political party, and technically the largest third-party in the State of Nevada. It is also the largest and perhaps the only current political party in Nevada that believes in States Rights and strict adherence to the Laws and Principles set forth by the U.S. Constitution.

It was founded in 1967 by business owner and ex-GOP activist, Daniel M. Hansen and his family, after realizing that the Republican Party was growing too corrupt and socialistic.

The motive behind the creation of the IAP, was both to give voters a better choice instead of the typical 'lesser of two evils', and to bring forth a new political party that would put Principle above Politics, and restore our government and our laws back to its freedom-loving, Judeo-Christian roots that it originated from- but had forgotten over time.

The IAP has enjoyed many well-fought campaigns over the years and has run numerous candidates for federal, state, and local offices, and continues to do so. While many IAP candidates do win a large number of votes in certain races, the Party has, in addition, been able to elect several people to office since it was first organized.

From a County Commissioner in Tonopah, to the Mayor of Mesquite, and including the 2006 Election victories of Jackie Berg as Eureka County Clerk/Treasurer, and Cel Ocha as the Constable of Harry Reid's hometown of Searchlight; more and more Nevadans are growing sick and tired of the same recycled rhetoric and empty promises of both major parties, and are beginning to elect men and women that don't follow the political status quo, that instead have the goal and determination to restore integrity and honesty back to our government and to guide our state, and our nation, back to the vision that our founding fathers had for us, and every future generation to come.

We are a political party that believes in limited, constitutional government, and in preserving moral and traditional values in American society and culture.

-An Independent American vote is a vote for principle and for what is right, over what is "popular"