Clark County Independent American Party


Save Our Country and Our State.

Become an IAP Buffalo

The IAP is the 3rd largest party in Nevada and fastest growing party in Nevada, but we need your support to continue to grow.

The Founding Fathers risked everything to establish out great nation. Our military risked their lives to protect it. All you need to risk is a few dollars, a few hours of your time, and your vote to save our state and our county.

You are losing your freedom and liberty little by little. Soon you will be nothing but a slave to the government.

Fight Back Now. Get involved.

You have 2 ways to join the IAP Buffalos.

  1. You can register 4 Independent American Party voters. If you want the IAP Buffalo pin, you may purchase it for $5.00.

    You can get registration forms at the post office or you can have them register online by using the form at and following the instructions on this page.

  2. You can donate $20.00 per year. If you donate, you will receive the IAP Buffalo pin free.

Image of pin not actual size. Actual size =1.125 inches wide.

Join now! We appreciate your support.