Clark County Independent American Party

Brad Barnhill

Clark County Assessor

Dear Constituents of Clark County

As an elected official, the Clark County Assessor’s responsibility is to value and legally assess property with fairness and impartiality in accordance with the laws of the State of Nevada.

The duties of the County Assessor are to:
  • 1. Provide "parcel datasets" to the State Demographer each year. These datasets are used by state agencies for economic development or population estimate research.
  • 2. Maintain the confidentiality of "personal information" used by the department.
  • 3. Acquire or improve technology used by the department.

    An effective government is a transparent government. Clark County businesses and residents deserve to know what factors contribute to the assessment of their property. I will make the Assessor’s office transparent and accessible.

    Brad Lee Barnhill
    Vice Chair, Independent American Party of Nevada

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